NJPH presentation at Payne Tech

On March 19th, the NJPH team presented Passive House principles at Thomas M.D. Payne School of Technology in Newark, NJ. The school is housed in a new state-of the art building (even if it isn’t a Passive House just yet) featuring professional path curriculums including building trades (such as masons, electric and plumbing) - students from all were invited to get a taste of Passive House.

Getting the attention of high school students just after lunch break is no small feat, but by the time we got them hooked on the underlying basics, and an inspiring Newark developer came up on stage to tell of a row of Passive Houses he is developing around the corner, the indifference transformed into active interest and engagement.

Quite a few members of the Payne faculty were present as well and posed some challenging questions about PH to our team: How sanitary and safe it is to dehumidify water via the ERV system; What kind of financial edge would Certified Passive House Tradesperson in the growing yet competitive tri-state construction market, etc.

The hands-on facility at Payne Tech was the most impressive I have seen in the area, and the idea of providing the students with Passive House training as part of the program came up – I see that meeting not as a one-off, but as the beginning of a long-term relationship. As we told the students - Passive House answers many questions on the path to battle climate change, but many unanswered questions are up to them to define, resolve and execute.