New Jersey Energy Masterplan

In the past few weeks, our team has been looking at the gradually formulating New Jersey Energy Masterplan and asked the question of where do we New Jersey Passive House fit in that. Obviously, as an organization promoting low energy building systems and material- its linked to us, but is it of two grand of a scale? Is it spreading across too many sustainability disciplines to make it impractical for us to address? Does it have too many players that are too influential for us to play ball with? The holiday season is usually a good time to be humble and be thankful for our limited role in the scheme of it all. But in this case, we realized we are pretty important! The goals of the new Energy Master Plan are really ambitious – 100% percent renewable energy on its own is a huge thing, and there aren’t many tools to make buildings efficient enough to support this, that fast, besides Passive House. We realized we hold something very important – that is knowledge of Passive House and we need to get it to the right places as soon as possible. We also know there’s a lot of Passive House and low energy buildings knowledge in New Jersey that is still not tied into ourroot network we need to  work on that. As a tool one of our newest members Devon Basher created this Summary Working Document that we are now using to figure out more precisely how we can play a significant role in this process and its implementation. It’s a great feeling to dive into the holidays knowing we have so much work to do in 2019. Happy Holidays!